I’m keeping this blog activated so I can look through all my shit, but as of right now, I’m done with this blog. Thank you and have a nice life.

Anonymous asked:
what was the list of

People I’m gonna follow on my new blog. Why be anon to ask that?

I’m deactivating this blog.

Soon. Because frankly, I follow too many people from the early days where I just followed people without discretion and they all piss me off. I barely ever talk anymore, and even when I do, about 3 of you (all 3 of you are appreciated) give a shit. The rest of you do not. It’s become useless, I use this site to get references for tattoos and graff. That’s it. I’m gonna make a new blog so I can follow people who only have those. If you want to follow my new one, message me so I can send it to you.